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The Shopify Alternative – AliDropship & WordPress

In 2017, it was bitcoin and the whole cryptocurrency world which was talked about. But as you can see, dropshipping has been on of the hottest money making trends in 2018.

Most gurus recommend Shopify because of the simplicity and ease of use but also because of their very lucrative affiliate program.

WordPress is known mostly amongst the blogging community but you can actually build a very nice ecommerce website with all the functionalities you’d expect.

To build a dropshipping store – all you need to add a plugin called AliDropship. You’ll also need the free chrome extension. Together you can easily import dozens of product in minutes and also semi automate the fulfilment process.

Another feature I really like is the feature to import reviews and also edit them. With Shopify – they have an app which you can use but it charges a monthly fee.

With WordPress you also get access to a lot of great themes and with that you can really customize the look of your website. So ultimately, you don’t look like an dropshipping store.

Here is also a full tutorial on How to Setup a Dropshipping Store with WordPress.

Hopefully you will find it useful 🙂

Thank you!