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Benefits of eCommerce and How to make a functional Website

With the rapid expansion of the online platform, it’s apparent that ecommerce is won’t be fading away soon. Businesses are not only looking to establish their stores but also looking to develop their stores. According to statistics, ecommerce is currently growing at 19% each year worldwide and 10% in the US alone. For shoppers, the benefits are abundant. Shopping online offers a greater product selection, saves times, and allows for cost savings in terms of the money saved on gas, taxes, and the price of the product. For retailers, the benefits are equally plentiful.


Here is how to make an ecommerce website.

Because of the resources, tutorials, and videos available these days, creating an ecommerce website is now easier than before. However, whether you are designing it yourself or you are engaging a professional, you have to follow some rules to make your site functional and attractive to shoppers. The first factor to consider are advertisements. You need to have important ads placed in easy to notice places such as the left-hand side or the top of the page. It’s also very important to use the best navigation. You need to label your products and clearly define their categories. Instead of putting the categories in the side menu, you need to present them at the center of your webpage. Finally, ensure that you have the receipts and payment forms in different windows

Benefits of ecommerce

Attract new customers

As a business owner, you want to attract customers and grow your business. While physical retail relies on customer relationship and branding, ecommerce has the advantage of driving traffic from search engines. It, therefore, makes the process of attracting customers much easier.


Establish an online presence

Over 80% of online population have used the internet to buy something. To keep up with the competition, ecommerce help you to be available online so that customers can easily find you.

Save on operational costs

With web based management system, you can automate all your operational activities and decrease costs. Running an ecommerce business doesn’t have the same overhead costs found in the physical store. The profit made from reaching more customers can, therefore, be used to offset any physical set up costs.


Boost brand awareness

As you develop more web pages the search engine will index them and your brand will get more awareness in the online landscape. As you become more visible, people will become used to your reputation and brand.


Better understand your customers

With an ecommerce business, you can track your customers’ buying habits, know what they are likely to buy and what motivates them. This will allow you to sell more efficiently to them. Whether you know how to make an ecommerce website or not, it’s important to have one so as to understand your customers.


Drive sales and conversions

When you open up a business without any geographical constraint, you will be able to capture new people who would otherwise not be able to reach you.


The future of ecommerce

With ecommerce sales expected to triple in the coming years, competition in online retail will significantly increase. Companies with the best brand and user experiences will be better positioned to beat their competitors. As trading goes online, there will be three main ways that firms will be able to distinguish themselves. These are customer service, price, and integrative experience. As competition increases online players will respond by attempting to compete using the price. Other companies will focus on offering the best customer experience.

Final words

When it comes to the running of today’s businesses, ecommerce is no longer a luxury. Without having an ecommerce website you are limiting your business’s potential for growth. Fortunately with the right software in place and knowing how to make an ecommerce website, managing an ecommerce store is simple and rewarding. Just focus on the trends.