Circle Lenses – Can they really make you prettier?

Do you long for big, brilliant eyes like the famous people on TV? circle lenses is a novel magnificence device that provides for you the dazzling, head-turning eyes you yearn for. They are same as large eye contact lenses. They will make your iris large and make you resemble a Barbie doll. These items are mostly manufactured in South Korea and some individuals have named them as Korean Circle Lens. Recently, they have gotten to be well known to the around the world.

cute circle lenses

This lenses come in diverse diameters ranging from 14-16mm which is 2mm or more noteworthy than our typical iris measurement. They will conceal all more on our iris which will make our iris look greater. They have likewise distinctive sort of shades and plans that will change the colour of our iris. Some of this lenses are in pink, green violet, tan, blue, light black, hazel and dark.


These lenses are extremely celebrated among across a wide range of groups of people with the highest percentage taken by adolescent grown-ups as they are the innovators for style. They (lenses) are considered as style frill instead of restorative gadgets. They make a Barbie doll look for you and make you standing out among crowds. They have picked up the fame in Asian discussions and blog as numerous neighbourhood and celebrities have them.


coloured contactsPresently, these sorts of circle lenses might be purchased through on-line and get them shipped to your entryway step simply a couple of clicks on the web. Before you surge on to get a couple of this types of lenses on the web, please refer to your qualifies optometrist or any eye specialists to get your prescription, then no one but you can get the suitable restorative force for your eyes. Young ladies out there, there will be no reason for you to be not pretty anymore!

Safety Tips For Circle Lens

circle lens 27You will not mind crossing the limits when it comes to taking care of your physical looks. Your facial look is so vital such that it becomes tempting for you to adopt different ways so that the appearance can be improved. However, when it comes into experimenting on your looks, it can only become safer if you are taking the correct precautions when applying a certain product. The same case applies to circle lens users. It is best to consult an optometrist and get your eyes checked for any type of disorder before embarking on spending on a pair of contact circle lens.

Our eyes contribute a lot when it comes to beauty definition and the color of the iris deeply improves our appearance. For people who do not have attractive eyes, they do not have to feel inferior as they have an option of going for the Geo circle lens; a colored cosmetic lens that gives various designs to the iris, eventually making it attractive. However, the are several facts that must be kept in mind while using these contact lenses, and that is keeping your eyes in a better condition and the product as well.

It is important to note that these lenses come into direct contact with the eye and it is therefore, very crucial to take care of the following points:

1. Keep your lenses dry and clean. Also avoid scratching them with wet hands.
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2. Make sure you do not over-wear your lenses.

3. Wear the contact lenses on dry eyes.

4. Clean the lenses on regular basis.

5. Store the lenses properly on the case that they come in.

6. Use the contacts as long as prescribed.

7. Always take them of when going to bed.

8. Do not share your contacts with other people.

9. Refrain from using them if you feel uncomfortable or pain.

With these safety tips in mind, you can now easily go for the appropriate circle less without hesitation. With the wide variety in terms of size design and color, you can greatly enhance not only your looks but our confidence as well.