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Circle Lenses – Can they really make you prettier?

Do you long for big, brilliant eyes like the famous people on TV? circle lenses is a novel magnificence device that provides for you the dazzling, head-turning eyes you yearn for. They are same as large eye contact lenses. They will make your iris large and make you resemble a Barbie doll. These items are mostly manufactured in South Korea and some individuals have named them as Korean Circle Lens. Recently, they have gotten to be well known to the around the world.

cute circle lenses

This lenses come in diverse diameters ranging from 14-16mm which is 2mm or more noteworthy than our typical iris measurement. They will conceal all more on our iris which will make our iris look greater. They have likewise distinctive sort of shades and plans that will change the colour of our iris. Some of this lenses are in pink, green violet, tan, blue, light black, hazel and dark.


These lenses are extremely celebrated among across a wide range of groups of people with the highest percentage taken by adolescent grown-ups as they are the innovators for style. They (lenses) are considered as style frill instead of restorative gadgets. They make a Barbie doll look for you and make you standing out among crowds. They have picked up the fame in Asian discussions and blog as numerous neighbourhood and celebrities have them.


coloured contactsPresently, these sorts of circle lenses might be purchased through on-line and get them shipped to your entryway step simply a couple of clicks on the web. Before you surge on to get a couple of this types of lenses on the web, please refer to your qualifies optometrist or any eye specialists to get your prescription, then no one but you can get the suitable restorative force for your eyes. Young ladies out there, there will be no reason for you to be not pretty anymore!


The Top Five Reasons to Enrol Your Child to the International School Seoul


Korean language and cultural barriers, as well as curriculum discrepancies impel most expats to choose an international or foreign school to get high caliber and germane schooling for their children. Enlisting into an established International School Seoul allows one to access high-end academia and major curriculums under the auspices of renowned global institutions. The institution provides multilingual curriculums for Japanese, Chinese, American, British, and German speaking students. Unlike a foreign-based school that is required to restrict their ethnic Korean demographic to a lower percentage of the student ratio, an international one lacks such limitations. International schools in Seoul scoop the lion’s share of foreign pupils enrolment due to their benefits fashioned for a global student community.

Accessibility to International School Curriculums

International School Seoul provides diverse and definitive curriculums such as first-class K-12 IGCSEs, IB Diploma and globally recognized examinations. Conducted in an internationalized and unique learning atmosphere, students undertake first-class curriculums endorsed by renowned and foreign schools. The school inculcates students top-quality, undergraduate preparatory education with various languages like English as the medium of teaching.

Extensive School Curricula 

With the school perched at top of the most competitive intercontinental schools, students undergo rigorous academic training that adheres to the finest standards, as well as interscholastic activities such as tennis, football, basketball, athletics, and much more. The extensive school curriculum is an all-inclusive, thematic and creative-oriented process of instruction with specified outcomes and overall accomplishment. Alumni students have shown a knack in academics and extra-curricular activities while they have been admitted to top institutions of higher learning in the world.

A Pool of Qualified and Avid Instructors 

The international school in Seoul has rounded up teachers with impeccable academic credentials, home-country licensure and worldwide approval. Seasoned and well-versed in a broad array of disciplines and discourses, the teachers apply the finest standards and up-to-the-minute methods for successful learning. Their ironclad commitment in rendering personalized and social emotional instruction guarantees the prosperity of each student. Teachers also pitch in to coach or tutor students after the normal school day.

Sound Infrastructure and Spacious Environs 

To stay streets ahead of its competitors, the Seoul-based school has erected modern architecture structures and facilities such as a refurbished auditorium, face-lifted science labs, newly-updated swimming pool, multiple playgrounds and gyms. The school’s management earmarks colossal amounts of cash to upgrade facilities every fiscal year. With a diverse and vast student population, the school offers well-equipped halls and designated areas for clubs, indoor sport activities and entertainment.

Diverse Multicultural Community

Expats who go for an International School in Seoul give their children an opportunity to rub shoulders with a diverse legion of students, parents and teachers commingled by a unique education underpinned on American or British preparatory instruction systems. Moreover, salient features of the International Primary Curriculum fused with tutorials of the rich Korean history, cultural nuances and language flavor the global learning experience. International School Seoul is part of a global community nurturing students to realize their academic potential and demonstrate a high command across various disciplines. By celebrating diversity and multicultural intercourse, the school provides a holistic ethos to education that blends the academic, emotional, creative and physical fitness for learners.


K-Kiosks Services & Products

Are you in the market looking for kiosk products? Maybe you want to purchase automatic kiosk products at a good price that will be able to serve your customers fully? If you are then, the K-Kiosk products are what you are looking for. K-Kiosks are a company that has specialized itself in the production of advanced kiosk products. In this article, we shall explain to you about this company, the products that you can get from them and then conclude by giving you the process involved in the making of these products and how they include you as a customer.

What’s the company about?

This is a Korean company that has taken advantage of technological advancement to come up with excellent kiosk products. The company is well recognized and has even been registered by KIDP i.e. Korea Institute of Design Promotion. The company is based in Korea but also have other large scale stations in other parts of Asia e.g. they have a station in Osaka, Japan. Their products, however, are just available for the Asian market. They are also available for export where people in countries like India, Brazil, Kenya and Chile can be able to get them.

What products are available to customers?

They have a vast number of products that are available for sale. You can be able to find products for both indoor and outdoor uses. Their outdoor products are known to come with some great control systems which you can use to protect the kiosk from weather conditions. Some of the products available include photo kiosk, payment system kiosk, metal keyboards, TV stands and Hermes. All their products are also available for _payment_kiosk_3

Process and duration of making the kiosk?

There are normally eight processes involved in the making of the kiosk as stated below:

a. First is the process proposal where they select the process that is likely to save on costs involved.

b. They then take all the concepts involved in account i.e. consumer trends, user analysis, etc.

c. After this, they make a sketch of the idea of the kiosk that the client has provided.

d. They then go ahead to make a 3D rendering in preparation to manufacturing it.

e. After the rendering, they make the actual drawing of how exactly the kiosk should be.

f. The manufacturers now go ahead and produce a prototype of the kiosk.

g. After the prototype is complete, they now test it to check its performance.

h. If everything is okay, they finally produce the kiosk.

This entire process is estimated to take at least four weeks.


You need not to look any further if you are searching for a kiosk. K-Kiosks have the best products in town, go ahead and buy from them.


NBR Float Specialist

When it comes to NBR float, there is no better company than SM Inc. This is a company that has been in business for a very long time and throughout these years, has enables to provide the best quality of products and services to different kinds of industries. The automotive industry is the main industry served by this company. However, they also offer quality products to other types of industry. Some examples of some of the industries that benefit from this company’s services are the liquid sensing and propane industries.

Quality Assurance

When it comes to NBR float, clients need the best quality of products. This is something that SM Inc. has managed to do over the years. The company is not only ISO certified but also has a reject and return PPM as well as a zero defect strategy which enables them to assure their clients of quality products and at the same time deliver what they promise.


Research and Development

Low sulphur formulation technology is one of the evidences available to show that this company values research. This is because this technology is what is being used by high-end companies in the production of NBR float since the high sulphur formulation technology has caused a lot of problems. The company has a team who are assigned to the research and development section and they work tirelessly to ensure they are in the know about developments and changes in the industry that can help the company produce even better products.


SM Inc. began operating back in the year 2006. During this time, the company was exporting products to the UK, USA, Vietnam and Thailand. From the moment they started, the company has offered high quality services. They increased the countries they supply to in the following years and also got ISO certification in the year 2007 and 2010. In 2015, the facilities were expanded and people are still pleased with the quality of products and services offered by this company.


SM Inc. has managed to come up with high quality NBR float due to a good system of organization. The company is led by a CEO and below him is a team of experts who run different departments to make the operation the success that it has become.