K-Kiosks Services & Products

Are you in the market looking for kiosk products? Maybe you want to purchase automatic kiosk products at a good price that will be able to serve your customers fully? If you are then, the K-Kiosk products are what you are looking for. K-Kiosks are a company that has specialized itself in the production of advanced kiosk products. In this article, we shall explain to you about this company, the products that you can get from them and then conclude by giving you the process involved in the making of these products and how they include you as a customer.

What’s the company about?

This is a Korean company that has taken advantage of technological advancement to come up with excellent kiosk products. The company is well recognized and has even been registered by KIDP i.e. Korea Institute of Design Promotion. The company is based in Korea but also have other large scale stations in other parts of Asia e.g. they have a station in Osaka, Japan. Their products, however, are just available for the Asian market. They are also available for export where people in countries like India, Brazil, Kenya and Chile can be able to get them.

What products are available to customers?

They have a vast number of products that are available for sale. You can be able to find products for both indoor and outdoor uses. Their outdoor products are known to come with some great control systems which you can use to protect the kiosk from weather conditions. Some of the products available include photo kiosk, payment system kiosk, metal keyboards, TV stands and Hermes. All their products are also available for _payment_kiosk_3

Process and duration of making the kiosk?

There are normally eight processes involved in the making of the kiosk as stated below:

a. First is the process proposal where they select the process that is likely to save on costs involved.

b. They then take all the concepts involved in account i.e. consumer trends, user analysis, etc.

c. After this, they make a sketch of the idea of the kiosk that the client has provided.

d. They then go ahead to make a 3D rendering in preparation to manufacturing it.

e. After the rendering, they make the actual drawing of how exactly the kiosk should be.

f. The manufacturers now go ahead and produce a prototype of the kiosk.

g. After the prototype is complete, they now test it to check its performance.

h. If everything is okay, they finally produce the kiosk.

This entire process is estimated to take at least four weeks.


You need not to look any further if you are searching for a kiosk. K-Kiosks have the best products in town, go ahead and buy from them.


Go beyond paper and make notes digital with Neo Smart pen

It is no secret that some things are better for your memory and retention than others. For example handwriting your notes will improve your memory of the subject matter than typing things out. Technology is evolving and it has brought to users the concept of smart pens tool that can be used for linking the analogue and digital worlds. The Neo N2 Smart pen is one such unique and popular smart pen now available to all online. Designed to work like any other traditional pen used N2 promises several other features including digital capture your notes in either real time or saved on the pen itself for accessing later, audio recording so that you can have audios of meetings or lectures synced up with the notes and some really excellent precision.


Design and description
The pen’s11.8mm thick full aluminium body is elegantly designed to provide a comfortable writing experience. Ittakes a rather standard ink cartridge and while it can take many different types you are advised against using certain gel type ink cartridges that might interfere with the data capture.From a Dot-LED Indicator display and a Dual Core ARM9 Application Processor to 90MB memory, Neo N2 conceals within its premium design enormous amount of features.

Smart technology
We will now understand how the smart pen works together.
• You initially need to pair your pen with the Neo Notes- Neo smartpen N2 companion app from the Android PlayStore or iOS after which you can use a button at the bottom of it for pairing.
• The N2 has at its bottom an optical sensor that captures data seamlessly with every 120 frames per second while sensing your stroke pressure at the same time.
• The sensor requires N2 to be used on special paper that uses Ncode technology with little character patterns. It is impressive how there is plenty of data hidden in the background of this paper like what kind of notebook it is and which page you are on. The N2 captures data in Ncode and then transfers it to your device so that you can access and share your written notes.
• The pen’s internal memory can also store your writing offline while you are not paired so that you can transfer data to your device later or playback your written content.
• N2 not only facilitates digital storage of notes but also makes their search convenient as notes etched in ink can be transcribed easily using Neo Notes.

Sync and transfer to all devices with high battery life
It uses the newest version Bluetooth 4.0 LE (Low Energy) also called Bluetooth Smart to connect with either Android or iOSfor automatic syncing and transferring notes from the smart pen which not only allows faster connection with all your smart devices but also provides longer usage with N2. The device also boasts of a high battery life with Li-Polymer / 3.7V battery giving constant usage of 5 hours and standby of 125 days.
The light, slim and durable N2 is an overall impressive smartpen with multiple features to elevate your digital writing experience. Simple and easy to use features, available at affordable prices online it would definitely be a smart and useful gadget to be owned by almost anyone. For more information check out: